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Financial restructuring is a process that typically alters the amount and structure of a company’s borrowings, its ownership and each of its stakeholder’s relative economic interest. This process is usually complex and often strenuous due to the involvement of different stakeholders with divergent interests and invariably has complex legal, tax and regulatory issues. Icora Partners has extensive experience in all aspects of financial restructuring, which typically involves the following three steps:

  • Evaluating the company’s cash flow capabilities and undertaking a valuation of the asset to determine the optimal capital structure that will balance cash generation with debt service requirements

  • Designing a restructuring plan for stakeholders that takes into account the company’s capital requirements and also the various interests and preferences of individual stakeholders

  • Guiding the company through negotiations and documentation to complete a successful restructuring

Each case is different and therefore we work closely with our clients to create and implement a tailored financial restructuring solution that works and builds consensus.

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